basically ive got some basswood which i read on warmoth is not recommended for necks as its to soft.
would it be ok if i made it into a laminate neck with mahogany (the mahognay prob would make up 50% of it)
would this be strong enough or is the basswood still just not strong enough?
id say no for a bass bass wood is only used for bodys for a reason
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It's too soft. If you put the basswood in the middle of the neck with mahogany on the sides then your truss rod is going to rip it apart. If you put the basswood on the outside and the mahogany in the middle then the normal wear and tear is going to tear up the basswood. Basically, there is no part of the neck where basswood could be usefull.

Also, basswood dampens tone and shortens your sustain. Because solid body guitars bodies are so large, the size of the basswood board reduces the amount the basswood can actually dampen things. In the neck you don't have the advantage of size. The basswood is going to vibrate more with the strings which will release all the strings energy and dampen the tone a LOT.
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