So first things first.

How can i get my notes to go together smoothly? It seems like there is a tiny micro second gap of silence when i go to the next note. Is this just me?

What techniques should i learn? I know the basics. Alternate picking and palm muting.

And lastly. Does anyone have a suggestion of a genre that would be good to learn? I really only play rock and metal.
You mean you wanna legato instead of stegato.

Don't lift your index finger off of the fretbroad and hammer/pull off the other notes.
You can use your picking hand to tap for the longer stretches.

you don't have to pick all of the notes, ya know...

picking slows me down sometimes.
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For starters, I recommend Classical music to inspire/motivate you to write music. After listening to some Classical music, practice playing Legato. Essentially Legato is playing smoothly (Let's not start the argument over Legato vs. Slurring). Practice hammer-ons and pull-offs for playing smoother and quicker.

In regards to that gap in your notes, play it a lot slower, and focus on your picking hand. Play something simple (Like the chromatic scale). Focus on making small movements and keeping your fingers pressed just hard enough to get a sound (You'd be surprised at how little pressure you need to make your notes ring).

Check out the technique lessons on this site for hammer-on and pull-off lessons. Or get a teacher. Both will help you.