ok, I think I am missing something here. As far as I know, to get an harmonic note you have to place your finger over the string without pushing it and pick the string, that works for me and ofc the sound is clearer in frets 5 7 and 12.


Ive seen in some tabs that I should be able to bend an harmonic note ... how the hell could I do that? for example in Revelations solo from Iron Maiden I find the following:

D: 5h7p5h7p5h75h7p5h7p5h75h7p5h7p5


G: 7 <--- harmonic and bending 1 step

plx explain? how to bend if my finger isnt pushing the string? or if I bend, how do I get the harmonic sound?
I just looked at the tab, it's a pinch harmonic, not a natural harmonic.

This time you DO fret the note as normally but there's a trick to clipping the string with your thumb as you pick it that produces a high pitched squealing harmonic sound, these can be bent.
Use a trem.
if u dont have one, then buy a proper guitar
Otherwise, bend ur neck inwards. might kill ur guitar and i dont recommend it, but if u want 2 try it out, then go for it
It's an artificial harmonic.
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a temp solution i found was to push the sting down behind the neck at the tuning pegs, works if you an get your hand back in time
eh, wait, i understand how to do it using your thumb after picking (watched some video in youtube)

but how the hell to do it when you upstroke? you touch the string with your index?