The other guitarist in my band has just got a DSL and today we are sorting out tones that work together well so i figured if i can get a tone like the DSL it would be a great start to then change mine. Anyone know of anything or even a channel and a mode would be useful.
Basically any one who has a JVM have they ever found a tone which is simular to the DSL's OD 1 channel?
I really cannot answer your question directly; as they are different amps. However, you may want to consider finding the settings that allow each of you amps to compliment one another.

Or as the guitarist from the scorpions explains:

"The two of you have always gotten sounds that complement one another. Is that difficult?
Jabs: It has worked since day one and we never really planned it. My sound is where his frequencies aren’t happening. I have more upper mids in my tone and Rudolf gets a bit more bottom end. When we play live it always just works out. We do pay a lot of attention to it in the studio, though. To make sure the rhythm tone and lead tone aren’t clashing we might EQ one sound all out of shape to make room. And, of course, soloing in the same register as the rhythm doesn’t make much sense."