so i stumbled across this about 10 mins ago and i see the body is low quality wood but it comes with a maple/rosewood neck. it even has wire and maybe a piece or 2 of hardware i might need, and only $120 bucks. ive been looking for a neck and honestly i havnt found one for under $120, let alone a whole kit. i'd 99% chance sell the body and other crap, but are they badly built or whats their story?

its a saga kit if you dont want to read the link
the hardware is **** as are the electronics and so will the neck
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figured that was the case, thanks. i really only wanted it for the neck, but i'll keep searching for that diamond in the rough
eden has good quality? i found a bunch on ebay for under $50. while its appetizing, if they are bad quality then i dont wana risk it
ROFL@the headstock... ****. I'd hate to be someone who didn't have tools to reshape that badboy. My Vendetta was only 120 bucks and I like it.
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Think of it this way if you cant find just a neck for under 120. Whats the chances an entire guitar kit for 120 will have a high quality neck. Its the economy the days of cheap stuff are over.
what about dragon mountain stuff on ebay? My friend got a neck for like $50... it's probably ****, but has anyone here had experience with those?
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well, you find good buys every now and then. lack or marketing or name recognition means you must sell your product cheaper to get your name out there, was hoping maybe this was the case, but it apears no. also big companies can charge more for the same product cause of their name.
Theres only so cheap somebody can go on making something like a guitar neck before quality suffers. Go look and see what a good raw piece of wood costs and a fret board, frets and a truss rod. A maple blank at exotic woods is 33 bucks, slotted fretboard is 17 bucks, 10 bucks for basic truss rod and about 10 bucks in fret wire. Thats 70 bucks in materials knock off 40% for a place getting it in bulk then ad the labor back in to make into a usable neck. Is a 100 bucks that much to pay for a ready to install neck. And what are you gonna get for 50 bucks.