I haven't found a thread on these guys, and they rule!

I've got every album. I siltl love playing the really well-known songs to friends, grandparents, etc.

Hilarity ensues.
Gore AND Core; unite!
I know, I absolutely love heavier metal bands that don't take themselves so seriously, and just have fun, you know?

Just makes me enjoy it more.
That said;

Gore AND Core; unite!
Their cover of Gangster's paradise was great. I wouldn't buy their albums, but none the less they are awesome
Some of these songs I never realized could actually be made into decent metal songs.
If you don't like this band you are obviously devoid of any sense of humour.

How can you not find a Death Metal version of Independant Woman funny?
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wooo these guys are cool

"Ein Herz von flimmernden Hirngespinsten,
Ohne Halt und ohne Boden.
Feuer des Winters,
Herr der Träume,
Vater aller Türen: Öffne!"
Paysage d'Hiver - Ich schreite
One of their guitarists plays in Linear Sphere now. I urge you to check them out. Their bassist is great too, played the Digorgio bass lines in this month's Death feature in Guitar Techniques.
And 10 masked men has a bloody great drummer.
Thought there was already a thread on these guys, but oh well, they fucking rule. I like their cover of Beat It most.
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These guys are hilarious. My friend showed me their myspace and I have been entertained by their lulz inducing songs ever since.
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I've been into these guys for like 2-3 years. The first song I ever heard was Sweet like chocolate and I loved it... It actually got me into metal in the first place. I used to have every song (before their new album came out the one with Gangster paradise on it) like a little over a year ago but my hard drive was reformated and I lost them all -.- now I only got a couple. I havn't been listening to them lately but they are a great band. I tried to buy a t-shirt from them that says "Hit songs in the key of... ARGH!" but they never emailed me back about how to pay for it so yeah. My favourite song there would be. The songs were hard to get back then, I had to use soulseek to find them. I would think now that they would be easier to find, is there a torrent? if not, I might just buy their albums, though they are in the uk so I'm not sure. I'm going to look for a torrent.
just checked em out (thats why the revival) and I must say I'm really impressed, love'd the beat it and I'm Blue covers
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