Me and my band need to find a song with a sick bass solo
Needs to be a four string bass tho...
I dont know if you would class it as a solo, but the intro to 'for whome the bell tolls' by metallica is cool.
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Maxwell Murder - Rancid
Its my answer to everything bass related.

EXACTLY what I was going to say. Anesthesia - pulling teeth /or something like that) by Cliff Burton of Metallica is another well know one.
body breakdown - dragonforce
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Metallica - Orion
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Anything by Cliff Burton, Geddy Lee, or Sting is what you need to look for.
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and thats about it...
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haha yeah totally man, though i thought he uses a fretless most of the time? anyways yeah anything by primus, its all one big bass solo with a metal solo behind it that may or may not have anything to do with each other. primus is cool. id say jerry was a racecar driver just cause its pretty ****in rockin(dare i say "moshable"), dunno what claypool uses for that song though
i cast my vote for (anesthesia)-pulling teeth by metallica
(or body breakdown like suggested above)
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