I started playing guitar when I was maybe 8 or 9, but my parents never thought I was serious enough for them to buy me anything. Up until I was 13 practiced primarily on other peoples guitars. Through that 5 years I learned purely through the internet, other small tips from people and helluva a lot of perseverance. I have to say I got pretty alright.

Eventually I struck a deal with parents. They gave me an enormous list of nigh-impossible things to do. In return, I would get the guitar and amp of my choice. Knowing my family also had to support my other two brothers interests (We play video games and music ALOT) which was pretty expensive on it's own, I decided on a Gibson Les Paul Standard with and ice tea finish and a Line 6 Spider III amp.

After about a year of hard work, I finally got my stuff. I think I had a seizure. Or an orgasm.

But. A month or two later. My house was broken into. Whoever broke in took pretty much everything of value. Including pretty much anything electronic. Which included my rig.

Desperate for a new rig quick before I went into withdrawal, I went for the cheapest stuff on eBay. But I went for a $100 Gibson Les Paul because I missed my old one. Sure enough, it was a scam. Stupidest mistake EVAR. And it was the last of my money. There's no way my parents would be able to replace my old setup so I have to work for one.

So now, I need a cheap new set up. I just need and amp and a guitar. No need for any pedals just yet. I play mostly the leads for hard rock, metal, and blues. Does anybody have an idea for what's cheap but suits my style?
And does anybody know how I would protect my guitar from this happening again?

I'm recommending a Yamaha Pacifica 112 or Ibanez RG321 together with a Vox Valvetronix AD15VT. Links coming soon. Is a 15 watt amp big enough?
You could take your exact address out of your location... anyone reading this now knows exactly where you live and that you own guitar stuff.

If you want a cheap but good guitar you really can't go wrong with a Yamaha Pacifica. I'm afraid I don't know much about cheap amps for heavier styles though,

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Thanks for the quick reply! Personally I'd really like something bigger but I probably can't afford any larger.

And does anyone know if J & D guitars are good? I saw a few of their LP's, and SG's but I didn't get a chance to try them out.
They're decent but you get what you pay for. I played a nice set neck J & D $500 double cut. Had a real Wilkinson and it felt really nice. Bare in mind this is Aus pricing aswell.

Just play all that you can in the way of a guitar and pick what feels the best that you can afford. Same with an amp.
For those who care.
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Here ya go:
The Yamaha:
It covers the styles of music you asked for very well and has a tremolo that is pretty good in comparison to others in that price range. The tonewood and electronics are better than what you'd expect, too.

The Ibanez:
The tonewood is different from the Yamaha (bassier) and usually it is of better quality. The pickups are hotter for a harder rock/metal sound. If you can afford it, take a look at it, otherwise go for the yamaha.

The Vox:
One of the best modelling amps I have ever seen, it is relatively cheap and covers the styles you asked for (and a lot more!). It is definitely better than a spider 3.

If it is too expensive though, look at a Roland Cube 15:
Good overall rock sound and amazing reliability at an unbeatable price.

If you really don't have much to spend, go for the Yamaha and the Cube, anything below is not worth the money. Stay away from starter packs, they usually have a decent guitar with a bad amp or the other way around, so they're not worth it.
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I wasn't expecting so much help, thanks a lot!

And I chose I Spider because they didn't have to many amps where I went to buy it and I was to jittery to start playing and I didn't want to wait to go to another shop. ANd they weren't to expensive. My parents were pretty surprised when I actually completed the list, so I was being nice. Heh.

How do J & D's sound? There's a shop nearby that stocks only Washburns and J & D's for some reason for pretty cheap. What style are they good for?
I find that typing the name of guitars im looking at into youtube and watching what people are playing on them helps, i mean the sound quality aint great but it gives you an idea.
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Actually, TheQuailMan, thanks for showing me that site! If I didn't misread the page, than I can pay per month? In that case I can afford much more! I get about HKD400 to 500 (50 - 60 USD) a month to spend. (everything else I have to spend on food and transport and what-not)
Do they only ship to Canada?
JDs are okay, but I'd definitely recommend a Yamaha 112 or Ibanez RG321 over them. They're not exactly the best bang-for-buck guitars out there.
havent you ever heard of homeowners insurance? its manditory to have in the states if you have a mortgage. if so they pay their $500 deducatble or whatever and they get covered. your parents are hosing you if they dont replace it.
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Well, uh I live in Hong Kong, so I don't know if my parents have it or not. I'll have to ask later.
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You could take your exact address out of your location... anyone reading this now knows exactly where you live and that you own guitar stuff.

If you want a cheap but good guitar you really can't go wrong with a Yamaha Pacifica. I'm afraid I don't know much about cheap amps for heavier styles though,

TS, seriously, do this ASAP. This is UG after all... not calling anyone here a theif, but it's a public forum which is probably the first link anyone googling comes across. Remove any and all personal information from your profile ASAP!

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