just wanna enquire does anyone own one?

a lot of people have been telling me that ltd is good but it wont last long than ESP since its cheaper. ive already tried one ltd guitar (the one which looks like an explorer and has EMG pickups) and its great and all rounded, suited for my needs. the thing is, i dont wanna invest in a guitar which will not last long, i.e the machine heads will start too loosen quickly, the pickups will fall into the body (it happened with my strat copy when i was still a beginner) etc etc...

yeah so i really really need anyone who owns it before i go out and get one, or i will be investing in a les paul custom instead.

If you can afford a Les Paul custom, you should get an ESP Custom Shop guitar. Similar price, built to your exact specs.

But as for LTD vs. ESP, ESP are better constructed from better materials, but any LTD -400 series or above isn't going to fall apart on you like a Squier would. With ESP/LTD, you get what you pay for.
That depends on which LTD model you buy.
If you get the cheapest of the LTD, like the EX-50, you get a sh*t guitar that won't last long because you're gonna smash it in the wall because you're gonne be frustrated over the poor tuning stability and that it is pretty much worthless.

If you get the high end LTD guitars, like the EC-1000 Deluxe, then you'll end up with a guitar that can match ESP in quality and durability any day.
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i dont mind my h at all, its gotta nice neck, the volume knobs loose, but then it was cheap as chips and thats an easy fix, its not like the neck will fall off, dont worry, protest the hero used the 400 series so they should be pretty sound.
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the top one is good, but i just checked your rig and the emgs wont sound good through your mg, use that money to get a better amp
I have an ESP LTD MV-100 and the quality just isn't there. The guitar is nice to play but the hardware and pickups are horrible. I like to play it without an amp but when plugged in there is terrible feedback (one of the wires is stripped or something) so I suggest you stay away from the lower end models.
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