I'm Keegan i sing and play guitar in a band called USE AS DIRECTED. Were from Toronto,Ontario and released our Debut EP last year in September but have thus gone back in the studio to do some demos for our next CD and we have posted a brand new song called "I'm Coming With You".

If your a fan of The Starting Line, Blink 182 & New Found Glory DEFINITELY check us out! Even if you don't still give us a listen as you might still enjoy it!

Thanks so much!
I love you guys! I'm still wanting to buy your EP over here in the states.. Find out yet? Talk to me on MSN :P
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Pop Punk! Check us out!: Flinch
from toronto, ontario?

what happened to the newmarket spirit?
Not bad, not bad. You guys have some pretty catchy stuff. I look forward to hearing more.

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hey did anyone else check this out? any opinions would be awesome!