thread is useless without pics.
"A war is coming, I've seen it in my dreams. Fires sweeping through the earth, bodies in the streets, cities turned to dust. Retaliation..."

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lightly tanned skin, big brown eyes, thick dark hair, and curvy =]
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it's official, vintage x metal is the saving grace of this board and/or the antichrist

e-married to
& alaskan_ninja

they don't give birth to real men...

wasn't this thread made like 2 months ago?
If we're never together, if I'm never back again, well i swear to God that I'll love you forever. Evelyn, I'm not coming home tonight.
not hairy and no mustache and then they're hot!

too bad its hard to find someone that meets the first 2 parts.

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Yes, you sir win the internet!

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To put it crudely, every hole is a goal.

"oh, your from Persia? You mean next to Syria, Messopotamia and Thrace?"

lol, erm some are ok, i prefer jap chicks
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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I got a packet of Love Hearts when I was six and every one said 'You Have a Tiny Penis'

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pics to curve my interests?
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I like this guy, he's UG's Greek, and he just told your ass in two paragraphs. And I once spent 5 minutes watching his avatar.

A Brain Malfunction

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Eh, they're ok. But the real deal is Scottish-Acadian woman they don't get any better than that. Nice and slim, very active, know how to fend for themselves...but only when they need to, they aren't like some sort of valkyrie trying to out do men. And boy oh boy are they ever fun to love(and I don't mean just in bed). Yes, Scottish women rock...acadian women rock...combine the two....ohh yea!

Yes, I just described my girlfriend...so what? You gonna sue me or something?

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I never brag about how incredibly awesome I am.