I'd like to hear more opinions on what type of wood suits different styles as well.
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well thats tough, i mean a les paul (mahogany) can play blues and rock and metal and jazz but so can a strat (alder usually) its just about which tone you want
I like mahogany, it always has a really thick tone. Basswood is pretty much neutral. Alder can be a bit on the trebly side, but I like that too...

I really think to be the most versatile guitarist you need lots of guitars made of lot's of wood, but because we can't all do that, I would say go for either mahogany or basswood, with some good pickups.
+1 to maggot3000.

High grade basswood is a good wood and sounds very neutral, though this doesn't mean it's suited for every style of music. It is very 'Hi-fi', if you catch my drift, some people say it lacks character.

My vote goes to mahogany and swamp ash, guitars linked to any given genre are being made out of these woods (especially mahogany).
I know my RG2EX1 has the lower end basswood, but it has extremely great sustain (I use 10s).
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Quote by NYGiantsFanFTW
So then what if I get the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR and put Dimarzio X2N pickups on it, I could play all kinds of music with it?


the x2n would play metal well, but its very high output and would suck pretty hard for cleans. the C1 comes with duncan design which might not be that bad, but id recomend a seymour duncan JB/59 set for versatility if they arent to your liking.

Edit: dont get the hellraiser if your just gonna switch put the emgs, kinda destroys the point. plus the emgs are extremely high output as well so x2ns really arent gonna change it that much. Emgs are active so they use like diff circuits and stuff makin it a bitch to swap out for passives.
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