ok, so i have a basic fender strat and i started noticing a couple things..

the distance from the strings from the fret board are quite high, at least from other guitars i seen. the 1st few ferts seem fine but as you go further up the neck, they get farther apart. I think this is contribing to my playing abililty, notely sweeping. i am fairly good sweeping but when playing 5 string sweeps, the lowest note is always the hardest to sound because, well i think, the height of the string from the fret board is high that my (already small pinky) cannot hold the sting down down fully, at least when playing at a fast speed. That kinda goes for all of my fingers when i play sweeps on my guitar( having to press hard to sound notes), but my pinky is what made me relize this problem.

so tried something to to see it the string height is really a problem. i had a kinda large capo with a cloth and rubber bands to put around the neck to hold the strings down against the fret board. then i tried playing on higher notes above the capo i made. sweeping. what a difference. my pinky didnt have a problem sounding notes and it was overall easier to make the arpeggio shapes. so now .. what to do?

i really thinking about just get a new guitar. any recommendations? i really dont want to even bother trying to fix teh action my on fender cause its really not worth it
i think. btw, any one else have this problem with a previous guitar they have had?

thanks for any repiles, appreciate it
......or you could just lower the action on your guitar. it's very easy and will only take five seconds
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Sounds to me like the action needs to be set lower. Even the squire strats can be setup for really low action.
get the right size hex key, go to the bridge saddles and lower them. voila! action lowered
I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes HEY!
Well i have a strat copy and i have put off lowering the action because i think i might end up with fret buzz.