I've wired up my jazz bass with Lindy Fralin pups, and plugged it in and it works okay, but the uppermost volume pot is not right, when all 3 are turned up full there is no sound, but when I turn the uppermost volume pot down the volume goes up, so it's back to front basically. I've followed wiring diagrams and am certain that everything is correct but I want the volume pot the right way round. I don't have much of an idea about electrical stuff but I know some people on here do, so could I get a little help please? Thanks!
i'm no electrician, and i might be talking out my ass here, but would the polarities be reversed possibly by some way of black magic or something? (not black magic necessarily, but perhaps just wrong pole attachment?)

just an idea, from a sadly undereducated adolescent... in this field anyway :P

Well it's one of the things I've thought of, that the black and white wires have somehow been attatched the wrong way round, but soon as I have very little clue about it I thought I'd see if anyone on here knows
I haven't tried anything yet because I don't know what will fix it..
go over all the joins and check them, this happened to me once and it was just a dry joint
The sd diagrams were deffinately nicer, but I'm still pretty certain I've followed it correctly. What do you mean by a dry joint?