as the title suggests ive been looking for a fuzz, but i dont know anything about them and i didnt want to spend too much so are there any good ones under 50 pounds?
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Judging by your avatar you may be best off looking for a used Zvex fuzz factory - a bit over budget, but great for you i'd imagine!
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i don't know how much this is in pounds, but you can't really get a good fuzz pedal for under $85.

The best fuzz pedals in this price range would be the EHX Big Muff, Dunlop Fuzz Face, ProCo Rat, etc

but the good stuff is really gonna put a hole in your wallet and will probably be hard to find. Things like the Fuzz Factory, Red Witch Fuzz, and Analogman Sun Face are really good pedals
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Get a Big Muff and a Tubescreamer to boost it. Afterall, you DO like Muse.
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you could check out the Ibanez FZ-7 if you can find one..
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