58 beats per second?


I think not.

also... sounds crap.
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that was horrible.

yeah it's fast, but it sounded completely atonal.

How the hell was that horrible?

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How the hell was that horrible?


Everything about it from the tone to the notes: nothing to recommend it apart from speed (which is suspect anyway) and speed is never something to recommend music with anyway.
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Gargh. Rubbish.
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Just for the record... i've already clocked this guy's picking in his videos, it's certainly not 48 or 58 nps...... and it's not exactly note for note picking, it's more like tremelo picking, but his actual picking hand is picking at 16 notes (or 'clicks') per second.
Picking (or any playing for that matter) can often sound faster than it actually is if the person is either playing something that is a mess, or something your ears are not used to. Also certain tones can make something sound faster than it is.

I also clocked Leandro Lemos (from YouTube) fast picking at 17 nps, but that also was kinda more like tremelo picking...... i'm yet to see anyone perfectly match up their left and right hand when using the 'spasmic arm vibration' method of picking, where you just tense your whole arm up and let it "vibrate".... with a pick in your hand. That's like going to one Karate lesson and expecting to be a Black belt, without the years of training and discipline.

I clocked "Maytons" (from YouTube) doing his 1 note tremelo picking in that video he posted, at 19 nps.