I was looking at this guitar: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Affinity-Series-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=510423 (Squier Strat)

And this one: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Vintage-Modified-Stratocaster-HSS-Electric-Guitar?sku=512573 (Modified Squier Strat)

And I was wondering if the only difference between the two is the Duncan humbucker (and some "custom finishes") on the modified Strat. If that's the case, do you think it's worth the extra $150?

This is going to be my first guitar and my price range is anything under $350 (I already have an amp). Would anyone recommend anything other than a Squier?
I think you should go with the 300$ dollar one. Humbuckers can actually make a big difference in sound. I have a crappy 75$ strat, and a Schecter ( with humbuckers ) and the sound quality is vastly different. So if it's not a problem for you to spend an extra 150$ I would go for it. Plus it'll last longer. Just remember you pay for what you get
i think you should buy a totally diff guitar for 300 dollars, like a epiphone
EDIT: Yeah, get a epi Les paul, or SG or get an ibanez under your price range. NEVER get a squier
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The first link is a blem item. Which means there is a scratch or paint blotch on it.

But generally the g-400 is a decent guitar.

But squiers and epiphones are both cheap knock offs. I'd go with an ibanez or a schecter.
I have the VM Squire Strat and I really like it. Compared to a regular Squire, they seem to get more luthier attention- the neck is finished (polyurethane?) and the fretboard feels much slicker. Also comes with some decent strings but thats not a hard thing to change on the reg. Squire. The Duncan pickups are what make the difference.......the stock squire pups sound very muddy and dull compared to them. Ive played MIM Fender Strats and I prefer my VM Squire to them.
Yeah I'm leaning towards the Epiphone Les Paul right now, just cause it ships to Canada. The Squiers don't ship to Canada (on musicansfriend anyway) but I'll probably stop by my local music stores within the week to see if they carry Squiers at a good price.

Thanks guys.
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Well i would go for a Epi Les Paul.

The Squier strat is not a great guitar. You will love it to start off with but as soon as you get a play on something else you will see the error of your ways!

I would also suggest looking at other guitar makes such as schecter or ibanez. they make very nice guitars at very nice prices.
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Squiers are to guitars as Easy-Bake ovens are to kitchen appliances.

For those who don't know, the Easy Bake ovens are the ones that have a lightbulb inside, and are "kid friendly."

Get an Epi Les Paul Special II, perfect guitar for a beginner. And for god's sake, don't buy a starter pack.