Hey guys I got a guitar last year and started trying to teach myself, but when school started I kinda fell off the horse and stopped playing. I'm picking the guitar back up now and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good books on learning guitar, or even just some good reads about guitars and guitarists. Any response is appreciaed and thanks in advance.
heyy dude get this book called "monster scales and modes" If u wanna learn lead guitar this is your weapon of choice
For playing technique with a de-emphasis on learning to read music, I like "Guitar for Dummies."

For playing basics as well as an introduction to reading and understanding music, I like the Hal Leonard basic series.
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A fellow by the name of Justin Sandercoe has developed a series of videos for youtube. The series teaches the basic fundamentals that every guitarist needs to know. Check it out.

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Very, VERY, helpful site!! Free, too.