I'm getting a root canal tomorrow and I was wondering if anybody can tell me whose had one how bad it is. I've heard mixed opinions on it, and im pretty much expecting that im gonna cry like a little baby through the whole thing. Any advice?
Its hurts like hell. You're in for a rough ride and prepare to be mentally scarred for life by the pain, seriously.
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Dentists scare the Black out of me
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ive had about 4 or 5 root canals.. and im sure that they would give you a healthy dose of novocaine (sp?) before they start escavating around in your mouth..

so you wont feel a thing... although your jaw might get sore from having to keep it open for a period of time..
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i didnt feel a thing, your way too doped out on drugs. dont even worry about it, just prepare mentally before hand
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It's not that bad at all. When I got mine done I sat and listened to music for like and hour while the played with my teeth. Didn't really feel much, thank you novacaine.
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I haven't had one, but when my mom had it she was so messed up on the drugs she doesn't remember the day it happened except for a few details.

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don't worry dude, just follow the trail and after a while you'll get to water hazard, wich imo is a bit funnier =)
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I was told I might need one when I got a filling a few months ago. I don't, thank god. I'd say its hell.

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you'll be fine. dentists are good people, man. you wont feel a thing, just a little pain afterwards. just remember to breathe through your nose during the procedure. it helps to control your gag reflex, which could react strongly to the procedure.
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don't worry dude, just follow the trail and after a while you'll get to water hazard, wich imo is a bit funnier =)

Haha, I wonder how many people are going to get that?

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i all most had to get one...

i didn't lucky huh

the dentist person said it wont hurt during but after id have to get some pain killers or sommat
my mom has had that a few times I think...apparently they pull out your nerve during the procedure which probably hurts like a bitch....you'll live though...I find that all dental procedures are very uncomfortable....even the standard cleanings
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I had one, man, and it was terrible. Most physically unpleasant thing I've ever experienced. I'm sorry to be one of the bearers of bad news.
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ive read about them because i was curious as to how bad they really were. from what ive read, most of the time it wont be that painful. it used to be, but now dentists can perform them without causing too much pain.

now if you have a dentist that isnt all that good, it might be worse.