Im looking into a distortion pedal that can handle stuff ranging from indie rock (The Smiths, Radiohead, Bloc Party, Editors) to a heavy rockin' Metallica sound.

I looked at the Proco Rat 2 and the Turbo Rat but its hard trying to decide between them. Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead uses a Turbo Rat but James Hetfield uses Rat, its hard deciding between them

Any help is much appreciated
Im not a huge gearhead, but I do believe with some tweaking any distortion pedal can give you the sound you need (make sure to tweak the amp as well), other people have said this as well, and I agree with them, you dont get instant tone if you buy a pedal jaymz uses, you still have to tweak it. Anyways, i think both of those pedals will give you the tone you're looking for if you put the effort in.
Jonny doesn't use the Turbo Rat, he uses a Marshall Shredmaster.

EDIT: What's your amp? That is more important than any pedal.


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Looking into getting a Epiphone Valve Junior soon (its my birthday in a month) but i dont want to depend on the amp effects to get a decent distortion or tone
the Epi VJ is quite good with stompboxes - so I would suggest that you get it - the proco rat (original/american, not turbo or 2) is a great pedal and Greenwood did use one for sometime in radiohead, he might still, it can get 'heavier' but you'll want to tweak it some for metallica, I'd also recommend an eq pedal for the fine tuning.
Thanks, im thinking of getting the Rat 2 for the heavier stuff and then maybe a Marshall Guvnor instead of the Turbo Rat? Ive heard good things about them.
I was also looking at the Tubescreamer, because i know alot of people use it including Kirk Hammet (ok maybe hes overrated but i think Metallica are awesome). But im only gonna be using my amp at bedroom levels, like no louder than my TV. Still think i can get the kinda tones im after with that?