I did like this song (allthough im slightly biased because i loved your other one). The intro is ok. rather epic. the verse couldnt b more appropriate. riff 23-24 was possibly my fav. also 29-30. 49-52. ive changed my mind, this riff was the best. the end was brilliant. sorry this crit wasnt really desciptive. ive been up all night working and am sorta tired. what sort of vocals r u thinking of using? please record this them pm me with a link
For this, mostly good, clean vocals during the verses, very soft and kind of just another part of the instrumental, then At the Drive-in type vocals during the chorus. Shouted, basically. maybe some screams in key areas, but I don't really have lyrics yet unfortunately.

I'll work on it, but I may never get this recorded with vocals. Instrumental, maybe. Thank you for the kind words, however.