ive just bought a new guitar and it come's with a little 15 watt amp, which ill get rid of! im looking at new amp's to get, ive seen two that are in my price range and to me, look pretty good for the price.

the two i have seen are made by whitehorse and sold through gear4music, ive bought my guitar and drumkit from them, so i know there gear is good qaulity, although a little on the cheapside. but thats a good thing, becuase im not out to spend $$$$ on gear.

anyways the two are the GT260 120W DSP guitar amp and the GT112 60W DSP guitar amp



do you think these would be any good? im planning on having some friends over and having jamming sessions, im not sure what we will be playing. but do you think these amps would be any good for a range of music playing?
1) you dont need a half stack
2) the word "modeller" is used in the description

If the amp is strictly for sitting in a room, mindlessly rocking out, then yes, the small combo would be good for you. but if you are going to do anything serious with your music/sound, i wouldn't waste my money.
ah ok thanks for the help

ill have another look around and see what else i can find, but if not... ill just get the combo

im not sure if ill do anything with my music yet, im hoping too. but i guess if i do anything then i can upgrade my kit at a later date.
yeah i would probably go with a 1x12 something-or-another. you can get a randall RG50TC combo, 1x12 ALL-TUBE, for about 500 bucks. you wont need to upgrade, and its a good compromise between cheap/affordable and quality as a first-real-amp.