pick any two from:

(for £235)

(for £125)

(for £349)

i realise there may be some factors that you can't explain without actually playing the guitars, but is there anything specification-wise that makes the £349 guitar worth £224 more than the other one?

i can't see any difference
better wood, so better sound.

i personally wouldn't recommand a Yamaha though, but an Alhambra. excellent guitars.
I think it's due to the wood types, on the £349.00 it uses more Expensive woods from Europe. Where as the £235 guitar uses slightly cheaper woods. Overall there wouldn't be much difference just a slightly better quality made guitar.
Did you even look at the specifications? It says there plain as day. They are made from different materials, which means price differences. Some have ebony fretboards, some rosewood. Some have a spruce body, some have mohagany or cedar. Use your eyes.
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kinda the question pavel. anyway, as people who are more accustomed to this kind of thing- do you reckon that the the 349 is value for money?

btw, always though that Yamaha were pretty good, but i'll look into Alhambra.
A lot of people always talk **** about Yamaha guitars, but frankly all of the Yamaha products I've played have been of great quality.

A few weeks ago I was in a wreck with our singer/rhythm guitarist, and we flipped his Tahoe 4 or 5 times @ 90 mph. Threw his acoustic guitar out the back. It apparently flew out of his case, and we found it like 100 yards away from the stopping point. Has a slight crack on the neck, but sounds perfectly fine, and so far doesn't go out of tune like you'd expect it to. Electronics all work fine, etc.

Of course, it's a pricey one...

As it stands, though, I'm not very experienced with classical guitars, but don't throw Yamaha completely out of the equation.
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Which one is better?