How do I play this riff? Do I use all downstrokes? I heard alternate picking is the key to success except sweeping. So what about this riff on I'm not Okay and yes I'm brand new to guitar and trying to play an easy song. Also on end of every few measures the last 4e+a should be alternate picking right

1st Verse (0.27) (guitar 1) "If you wanted honesty......
[---- - --7--------7---- -7--|----- --7------ --7---- -7--|
[----- 7-------- 7-----7--|------ -7------- -7----- 7--|

|--- ----6--------6-----6--|---- ---7---- -6--7--6--7--|
|--- ----7--------7-----7--|---- ---7--- --7--7--7--7--|
If you want it to sound smoothly I'd suggest alt picking.

U-D-U-D or D-U-D-U whatever is more comfy.
In a more rock context, if you do all downstrokes it will give you the option for palm muting.
For the first line all down strokes should be easy, it isn't that fast at all even for a beginner. If it is too hard then just slow down to get it and speed up. Either that or U D D D which would be a lot easier. For the bottom line just all down would make it sound better.
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