I've been playing the guitar for about a year and I want to buy a new guitar. Not anything expensive but something like 400-500$. So in the terms of quality, sound, durability, which is better: Ibanez or ESP?
In that price range, an Ibanez would be better. What kind of music do you play? How many frets do you want? Trem or hardtail?
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that depends completely on what you liek and how much cash you have
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ibanez makes good midrange guitars but also check out jackson. the dk2 is pretty beastly and runs for about 600, but if your range is from 400-500 than definitely go with an ibanez
go used. Can get MIJ Jackson, Aria Pro II, Washburn, and Ibanez easily for that price, and those are goign to be better guitars in terms of construction than what you are looking at
[quote="'Anno[fzk"]']Nothing really to good until $600
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In that price range, an Ibanez would be better. What kind of music do you play? How many frets do you want? Trem or hardtail?

I play metal and I want it to be fixed brigde and 24 frets.
You won't be able to get a real ESP for that much, only LTD.

I suggest checking out Jackson and Schecter.
im trying to sort of decide between the same thing. My SG is not meant for drop C type tunings and i just got a paycheck. Im having trouble deciding between an Ibanez RG7321 7 string for use in my band (metal/hardcore) or a LTD EC-1000 or one of the $400 kirk hammet guitars or any other suggestions
i think the biggest thing people tend to forget when ever i see these ibanez vs whatever threads is that ibanez guitars have a completely different feel from others because of their neck styles. so i really suggest trying both out. now that being said, i personally like the look of ESP guitars more and from specs, they are sweet. but again, like others have mentioned thats once you get above $500.

I have a schecter gryphon that i think are around $330 new now? i like it and it has solid build construction. the coil tapping is a nice feature as well.
I'm not too familiar with Ibanez's lower price-range guitars but I know you won't be able to get a good LTD for that price. I'd second looking into used guitars, especially with eBay, it's a gamble since you can't get a feel of the guitar and tell if it's right for you but still you'd be surprised at the deals you can get on project guitars people don't want anymore or even custom guitars small shops couldn't sell.