Hey all,

I need a hard guitar case for my Zakk Epi Les Paul Bullseye. Obviously i want one as cheap as poss, but it's gota be a hard case, nice side fabric inside & storage for picks, leads etc.

Oh & i'm in England.

Cheers guys

Lazy bastard.
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Epiphone makes great cases and are pretty cheap. 50 pounds
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Lazy bastard.

Easy there mate. I've done that, but wanted others recommendations first!
Some of the off brand LP cases dont actually fit all LPs. If you want a nice case that wont cost so much get the epi LP case. They arent that much. I have 2 LPs the epi case I have fits both. The aftermarket cheap case only fits one its to short for the other and the one that does fit bangs around inside unless you put some extra padding inside. So as you payed decent money for a guitar get a decent case.