Anyone know of any good carvin tube-janx on the used market?

I am looking at the MTS3200, its damn-cheap! i can get the head at about 300 dollars, or the combo at about 450... I have heard that carvin has some strict quality standards and that their heads are very nice, as well as their guitars of course.

I am that typical teenager with not much bank. ive got about 900 dollars, not interested in those big huge ENGL/whatever because im not a professional, nor will i ever be. i just want something that sounds good and is a good compromise. please dont say the name "bugera" or "b-52" in this thread, been there.

Like i said, i play with a small time band, just doing fun bars/parties. im no professional, so im not looking to spend all of my 900 dollars. you know what i mean?
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i see some carvin v3's on ebay sometimes for like 600 bucks and if you get a good cab your set. also even if you dont plan on being a pro it never hurts to have professional equipment if you can afford it. my friend got an engl combo off of ebay for like 800 bucks. one of the best deals i have ever seen. great amp and on helluva deal