im currently working on a tab for ride the lightning and it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want hear your storys about making the tab and storys about rejections
I used to make tabs...then I ran out of time.

I don't even really use tabs that much anymore. I just ear-learn songs.
Yeah we have enough tabs for that i wouldnt waste any more of your time.
I've never had one rejected but i've only done tabs for songs we dont have yet.
Edit: And ive just realized i aint done a tab for over a year, i should get back to it.
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They are a pain in the ass. That's why I dont make them!
But thank the lord for the people who do.
-Andrew H
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I have a very bad ear, so I'm forced to submit reviews...
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I've never had a tab rejected

Go me

I mean... one of your tabs is called Gekka No Yasukyoku......
Thats japanese.... no one here speaks japanese....

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219 tabs approved, 10 tabs rejected.

Not bad.

good lord... please dont tell me you actually tabbed all those out by ear
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