Im in the process of buying a half stack atm and was going to get a 212 cab and use it w. my Vk till i can afford my windsor head. The problem is my Vk says 16 ohm min. on the back so does that mean i cant use an 8 ohm or is it saying i cant use 32 ohm (ik they dont make 32 ohm cabs) sorry im an amp noob. thanks for any help.
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That means that the cabs's impedance must be 16ohms or higher (16+, as the number goes up so does the impedance, not the other way around).

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Wait a sec....you have a ValveKing..and your saving up for a Windsor head? I don't even know if that's an upgrade...but ok .

Also, you do know the Windsor has NO cleans right? (just checkin)
i'm not the expert here. i take it you are on page 11 of manual? also which VK do you have? Below is only for 212 and 100 hed.

*if two enclosures of equal impedance are used, the switch (on VK) should be set to half the individual value. For example, two 16 (imp) enclosures necessitate an 8 (imp) setting, while two 8 (imp) enclosures would require a 4 setting.*

so for example, if you got a 212 cab with an impedance of 16 then my guess is you put the switch on 8.

Can someone confirm?

i have the 112, and yea i have tried out the windsor and its the only marshally amp in my range that i can try out. Im not 100% sure on what im getting yet though. Im going to sam ash next weekend and spend quite a while there trying everything out. i was thinking a bugera 6262 or a tiny terror or jcm 2000 also but i wouldnt be able to try b4 i bought.

I really really like the sound clips of the bugera on youtube, but dont really know any where to try one out. I play metal (A7x bfmv metallica) and classic rock (gnr) and sometimes blues (zz top)
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