Good idea?
Or should I go for another pickup configuration, if so, which?
I play a lot of hi-gain metal/hardcore/metalcore. I play through a Peavey ValveKing 112 and an Ibanez Tube Screamer.
(If needed, you can suggest changes in amp/pedals too, it gets the job done, but I'd rather not change it for now, as I'm saving up for a Mesa Dual Rectifier with money from my 2 jobs over the summer).
This is our last chance.
Well, as for the general hi-gain metal, i run EMG 81-85's through my les paul and it sounds fantastic. I'm not familiar with the blackouts though, although I have heard good things. not sure thought. i also hear seymour duncan invaders are good pickups for that kind of music. again, not entirely sure though.
If you are installing yourself, I'd say get EMGs instead.
The Blackouts are a ***** to get solder to stick to the pot casing.
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