Hey guys. I am working on getting the action on my tele just right. I have the strings set to about the same height they are set to on my American Strat but I am still getting some fret buzz, especially from the 10th-15th frets of some strings. I have been following the tutorial at this website but I am a bit confused on one of the aspects of truss rod adjustment. It says if there is little clearance between the fret and the string, to turn the truss rod adjustment screw counter clockwise. Is this counterclockwise when looking down the neck with the headstock closest to your face or vice versa? I assume it is with the headstock closest to your face, but I was sure since all guitars are different. This is for a tele where the screw is in that hole in the headstock.
i would think it's counter-clockwise to the face of the screw, ie looking straight at the head of it...
Ok thanks. It appears that way from tweaking it a bit although I am hesitant to make big turns as I don't want to warp/damage the neck.