I'm looking for a bridge pup to put in my Epiphone G-400. I need one that is better for drop tuned metal because the stock pup isn't really cutting it. I'm low on cash but I have a few things for trade, I have a Digitech Death Metal pedal, a Boss Metal Zone that is pretty beat up and missing the plastic knob for the level pot (I got it that way in a trade on here) but it works fine, and I have a Digitech RP80 that the expression pedal doesn't work but I think if you reset the pedal it will work. I don't have pics right now but the DM pedal is in perfect shape, the RP80 is in really good shape, and the MT-2 is in beat up shape like I said. I can try to get pics from my dads phone but they'll be bad pics. I don't have sound clips either check out the websites they might have some.

So if you have something let me know, even if its a GFS power rails or crunchy rails I'd be interested.