Hello there. im making my very first guitar, and the time is coming to paint it. I bought red, black, and white spraypaint but im not sure what kind of design i want to do. I really like the Frankenstrat design but a lot of people have told me that too many people have used that, and that i should use an original design. Does anyone have any ideas?
IMO, if you want a Frankenstrat, go for it. If it was other people who pointed that out, I'm assuming it's not a big deal to YOU?

At the end, of the day, it's your guitar and it sucks to look at something and think "I wish I did that differently . . .". So, big question, do you care that other people have done frankenstrats? If you don't, I'd say you should do that. It is, after all, a sweet design and a reference to a great guitar player. If y'do care, but do want that sorta look, maybe you could do a variation of it, switch colours around and so on?
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