i heard ibanez but im not totally sure.
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Ibanez for the win.....if its a high end Ibanez and a high end Epiphone..their probably almost the same..but a low end in each Ibanez for the win
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ibanez have amazing quality throughout their products/price range
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As far as construction in that price range goes, I'll say Epiphone, alot sturdier. In terms of a top of the line Epiphone vs. a top of the line Ibanez, Ibby will kill.
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Quote by MrGoodyear812
well im choosing between an epi les paul standard, or some ibanez in the $450 range

i'd say ibanez
its one of the reasons i got the ibanez rg321 over the epiphone g400 cos i heard that the quality control of the lower priced epiphones was no where near as good as the ibanez qc. It is important especially when buying off the internet
My Beginner setup:
Ibanez rg321mh
Roland Micro cube