1. I've recently bought Micheal Angelo Baito's first speed kills video and I cant help but notice that opposed to my own picking hand position, where my hand sort of hovers over the strings while i pick, he takes up a totally different position. Its more rested and pro looking, he sort of rests his fingers by the pickup, but when i try this it really restricts me. What is he doing that I'm not, and will it make a noticeable difference?

2. To improve the smoothness and clarity of my playing, what should i practice, because i can play quite fast (not lightning fast, but sorta fast).

3. What exercises/practices should i do to improve my improvisational skills?
1. It's what HE'S used to and comfortable with.

2. Use a metronome.

3. Download Jam Tracks.
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1. I tried to copy Al Dimeola's picking technique only to find that it didn't work for me so after searching for different picking techniques I have a found the one that works for me, meaning MAB can play fast but you are not him so try something else that might work for you.

2. Metronome and patience... loooots of patience

3. Theory and Jam Tracks, rap instrumentals (I love those for harmonic minor improvs) or just download a free computer drum machine like Hydrogen and make some tracks. But always remember to use music theory, not strictly but try to stay in a key during one improvisation.
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this may seem like the most n00bish thing in the history of UG, but i have a metronome on my guitar tuner, and i'm not too sure how to use it...

Back to basics, say i was playing a scale, would i set it up so every bleep would be a note, or so that every other, or every 4 or what?
Quote by Fraserwatt
Back to basics, say i was playing a scale, would i set it up so every bleep would be a note, or so that every other, or every 4 or what?
You would have it click "one two three four" and then try to play 2 or 3 or 4 or 6 notes to a click.

If you're trying to play anything faster than 16th note triplets, I suggest playing a slower rhythm at a faster tempo.
Metronome practice can be whatever you are comfortable with. One thing I used to do a lot for bass/rhythm practice (and probably still should) was set the metronome double time and play a groove along with that. After I was comfortable and nailing it right with the clicks, I would cut it in half and play the groove at the same speed, just with fewer 'reminders' from the metronome. Once I was cool with that I'd cut it to half time and keep playing. It helps you develop an internal clock for rhythm so that you can play competently unaccompanied and easily with a drummer.
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1. MAB anchors. I have one of his videos as well. Theres been tons of discusion on this topic so i wont even say a word about it other than what the above posters said which was what works for some doesnt always work for others so do whats good for you.

The best thing i got from the Michael Aneglo video i have is "economy of motion" find the most efficient way to pick something before you start building speed. Keep your left hand close to the frets when possible so they dont have to move farther than neccisary etc...

2. To improve clarity like the other above said always practice at keeping time either tap your foot use a metronome guitarpro watever but play at only at speed that you can play clean or slower. Some people dont like to play slow but if you do you might find your self milking every bit of tone out of every note beacuse your playing at a comfortable speed. Once you work your way up to faster speeds you wont sound off beat or sloppy youll sound good. A great guitarist still puts feeling into notes when he/she plays fast beacuase he/she practiced enough slow to be able to.

3.play along to a radio or jam with others or get a loop pedal... Theres tons of answers to this one.