i still have my first guitar..been quite a few years
an Epiphone
Special Model Gibson
thing.. it was only like..$150 dollars or something
i like the sound, but better cuold be achieved
if i were to keep this guitar..but change strings, pick-ups n stuff
what would I need?
if i were buying a new guitar, what kind would u suggest?
and kind of pick ups n w/e

cuz im looking for new stuff

and sounds im looking for are like..
Between the buried and me
Job for a cowboy
As blood runs black
Parkway drive
The Human Abstract
I Killed The Prom Queen
Its all about the amp bro
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well those bands get a ibanez s series and put emg 81 85 in it and u wull have a metal machine 2 or 3 of the bands you listed use ibanez s series guitars
nah man, majority of the tone comes from amp. then your guitar. then your hands. so what kinda amp you got right now?
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