In English class we're doing journalism and i need a hard news article about something big thats occured recently that i can write about.

Post some links, any help with be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the laziness.

that cellar man who locked up his daughter. Oh yeah:DO YOUR OWN FRICKIN' HOMEWORK!.
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You can tell he's new. "Help me do my homework" = call for flaming here my friend.
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someone posted a ****ty thread asking for help with their homework, there ye go
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You can apologise for the laziness all you want, but it doesn't change the fact you won't get any help on this.
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Last i checked i think something was going down in burma, or the middle east, or china, iraq, cuba, ireland, austria............. the list is endless.

Although heres a tip. I here theres gonna be something big goin on down in UG, some sort of massacre cos some lazy ignorant idiot is to lazy to do his homework. Write a story about that. If ur lucky you might just get an eyewitness account......
Wow...this is like asking us to help you with an addition problem.

Seriousey, go onto any major news site's first page.
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Do a report on the penis stealing wizards.
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Do a report on the penis stealing wizards.

i couldnt stop laughing when i saw that report
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He's got a point. I know he's being terribly lazy, but if you don't want to answer don't.
If you do want to, this is a very nice little opportunity to discuss whats going on in the world today.

Like those crazy Austrians locking everyone in cellars .. or y'know.. cyclones and crap.

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