I have been looking for a multi-effect and came across the RP350. I have heard good stuff about it and thought I would buy it but I am pretty leery about buying because I haven't had good luck with Digitech in the past. I have a Peavey Windsor it's an all tube-amp(I don't have a lot of money but I was told to get an all tube because it would be the best in the long run and this was the cheapest) and I play melodic death metal, would it be best to buy the RP350 or purchase something else? I am pretty ignorant about amps and effects.
I find multi-effects aren't the way to go, the lack the quality that single effects (usually) have.

so maybe just figure out which single effects you want the most, and buy the stompboxes. Boss and MXR make some good ones, and there are hundreds of others around, too.
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Lots of people seem to hate Digitech. I don't think they're terrible, but apparently there's better out there. I'd recommend finding a guitar store and trying it out there to see if you like it.
I have been told many times to invest in an overdrive pedal...would that be a better route? Which kinds do you reccomend?
check into Digitech Bad Monkey and Ibanez Toobscreamer.

i, personally, will moving to the single pedal operation, but i have been pretty happy with my RP250 for what it does. if you search on RP250 you will find more of my posts on this box.

good luck either way,