I have a Mesa Boogie rack for sale. THE ONLY REASON I AM SELLING THIS IS BECAUSE IT IS SLIGHTLY HEAVEY AND IS NOT GETTING MUCH USE. i attend berklee college of music and am not home or in a band to get a sufficient amount of use from it. The tone is amazing, but it is not logical for me to keep it. everything is in good condition with the exception of the rack case which has minor scratches and scuffs on it. but its a case. better the case than the goods, right? if you are interested i can always take pictures upon request. Also, if you are in the CT area, feel free to contact me to stop by and try it your self. I would really prefer to sell this as a package. but any offers are welcome, trades included. The rack includes:

Mesa Boogie 2:90 Stereo Power Amp: $800


the best power amp you can buy IMO. This is the model with switchable 6L6 and EL34's on the back, three separate jacks for the Modern, Deep, and Half-Drive voicing. Runs on Simul-Class power. Once again i will take pics, especially since mesa seems to have taken off the product specs for this particular model.

Mesa Boogie Formula Pre: $550


modeled after the heartbreaker i believe. awesome cleans. awesome cleans. awesome cleans. the two gain channels are voiced differently, as Ch 2 is more "recto", and Ch 3 is meant more for leads(more emphasis on the mids and such). built in foot-switchable EQ. Ch 1 has a "boost" which is the pulled vol knob. awesome preamp. pics on request as always.

6-space SKB rack case------>
$150 for both or $75 each
furman power conditioner---->

i did not receive the OFFICIAL foot-switches for the power and pre amp, but i do have boss brand foot-switches that i bought separately.

i am trying to sell EVERYTHING as a package for $1400. once again offers and trades are welcome.

if anyone is interested, email me and i will send you pictures ASAP. I am located in Trumbull CT. So if you are nearby and want to test the rack out personally let me know. i am also willing to drive to meet someone for a transaction.


Links dont work man
what are you looking to trade for?

93 Jackson Dinky Professional Reverse
98 Jackson Kelly KE3

Peavey Bandit 112
Custom 2x10 cab w/Bugeras




try those. hope they work this time. sry about that.

as for trades. i tried a egnater tourmaster. i dig it. but im definetly open to offers. im gunna try to stay away from mesa. i need a good clean and a smooth od and a heavyish tone. im either gunna start a fusion band or hardcore band, probably more towards fusion though. think guthrie govan, steve vai(if you dont know guthrie) and the likes. as you can tell im a very confused and undecided person. so just shoot me an offer and ill let you know.

thanks for the interest