Well, it's Mother's day (in the US, at least). What did you get/do for your mom? My mom said she wanted my gift to her to be to apply for a summer job at a local Chuckie Cheese-type place. I got denied, due to douchebag college kids coming home and getting all the jobs really quick and therefore they're not accepting applicants until September.

It's cool though, I still got her a card.
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Today isn't mother's day?!?

Is in America.
Ours was a while ago but i got mine a bob dyan dvd knowing fine well she'd watch it once then i could have it
mother's day was ages ago in the uk. june 15th? that's father's, no?

anyway, in march i got her a necklace-y thing...and of course a card
Calm down non-americans, it's only mtoher's day here today.

I got her a very soft nice stuffed dog and touchy feely card and she was thrilled. I also cooked french toast, bacon, and gordon ramseys scrambled eggs.
My mom loves Supermassive Black Hole by Muse so I got my band to play that for her.
its in south america too.
well my mom is sick so i'm basically her butler.
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Nothing. Commercialised nonsense is not need to show my mum I love her.

you win

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*phew* i was worried i thought it was mothers day today but its like in a months time (here in england)
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wait.......... that was my friend's mom..... nevermind.......
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Nothing. Commercialised nonsense is not needed to show my mum I love her.

It's never really about the stuff you know? It's the thought, and if this "commercialized nonsense" is nothing, how much of a sacrifice would it be to just go out and get that corny card and gift.
Well, I had some spare money last night, so I got my mother a cute little card and a thing of Rasberry flavored chocolates from Borders Bookstore.

And then I went to the music store and bought myself the Nine Inch Nails "Hand That Feeds" single on vinyl.

I spent more on myself than I did on my mother.
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What did you get/do for your mom?


To my mom.
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