just got a mia 2006 strat... im putting a Seymour Duncan JB jr in bridge, a lace sensor blue in neck, and a dimarzio area 61 in middle..

can i do that? like all different brand pickups....
go for it
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sure, seems all good. just need to wire it all right, and the different color wires do mean different things, so a red wire on the dimarzio is gonna be different than a red wire on the duncan. and i'd reccomend a coil-split on the duncan
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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but would it be versatile??? able to do metal/rock/blues/jazz

also i have no idea how to solder and work with wires so i better take it too a prof to do it... where can i find one in NYC????
no, no pot switching needed.
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