Before anyone says anything; I know Dream Theater have a song with the same title... But I named it this because it was my stream of consciousness (psychology term, Google it).

I wrote this today.. And it's how it is because I'm really tired from prom last night, and as I said before this was my stream of consciousness, which in a very sleepy state for me jumps back and forth and seems like I have ADHD. lol What this paragraph means, is that there won't be smooth transitions.

I'm not really sure what genre would describe this.. So I won't label it.
I'm not a fan of the overdriven riff really.. But I left it in for the breakdown thing.
According to Window's Media Player, on the MIDI it's 4:18.

Enjoy. =)
Stream of Consciousness.zip
Liek OMG dream theatrez haz alrdy made a song named that! plagiraist! Hahahaha, I kid, man, I kid.

A'ight, critting as I'm listening.

The use of the slap bass in the intro was pure win . The groove was reaaaallyy fun and nice, and the complimented it perfectly, giving a sort of beautiful yet haunting feeling. All I have to say is that bit's perfect.

The arpeggio at 22 was cool and all, though I'm not quite sure if I like your use of violin, as it made it quite strange, and not in a good way. It also made the transition, or lack thereof, to the next part really awkward.

Contrary to what you said, the overdriven riff was really sweet. Kinda progressive-esque . Though, seeing as it's rock-sounding and all, why not give it lead?

51 really caught me by surprise, though it's a cool part. It really contrasted the previous bit, and was a nice breather.

Again, 60 really caught me by surprise. It's really groovy, kinda had that funk influence going on there, though tbh it ended way too fast. I think it would be better if you make it longer.

Not sure if I liked the overdriven after (is this what you meant when you say you didn't like it?). It's soothing, yes, but the rhythm is kinda strange, and there were some notes that sounded off key. Idk if that's what you're trying to do, but it sounded awkward to me.

Ah, one more surprise... The fuck was that? The ending, I mean, wtf was up with that? Is it even finished? It was really strange, the ending, and killed this otherwise euphony of a song.

All in all, it was a nice listen. No, I've to correct myself, that was an AWESOMELY AMAZING listen . Really abstract there, though there is a definite progression, my kind of music . Of course, it could still be improved, though even right now I love it! It's full of surprise, and not just the usual, generic, and might I add, boring progressive wannabe song. Tell me, Garb, do you have the capability to write a bad song ? Lol, seeing as almost all of your stuff have amazed me by far.

Are you doing C4C? If so, could you please crit my pseudo-jazz thingy? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=856149
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