First of all, I can't decide between solid-state and tubes. I know tubes need to be louder to get the great tone, but right now I only play at low volume (bedroom levels), so would SS be better for me?

I played the Mesa Rectifier and that is my dream amp... but WAY too expensive for me.

What's a decent amp for stuff like Metallica/ Tool/ A Perfect Circle etc...? (SS or tubes, whatever you think). I'm not paying more than $500, but I'm going to buy used, so you can recommend anything <$800 ish. This will probably be a combo amp (just because they're usually cheaper right?)

Thanks a lot!
You could get a tube amp and throw a pedal or two infront of it. That way you have the volume if you ever need it, and for when you really want to piss off your neighbours
yeah such as peavey valveking royal 8 or epiphone valve junior, you'll have to use a pedal to get that metallica tone tho. to be honest im in exactly the same situation at the moment but have opted to stay with my 10-watt kustom amp (ss) as i've decided im pretty content with it atm. try a few low wattage amps, making sure you use your own guitar and pedals (or close to).
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