This is only my first post and I threw this together in about 10-15 minutes. (I'd post one of my better ones but they're on my other computer) Go ahead and critique.

Endless is the greed
Of a fighter who has lost
Wanting more than to bleed
Desires so much of nothing
A means to an end

The world in the palm of my hand
Slam shut the fist
My world self-destruct
My one and only wish

At every opporitunity
I show you my fury
I don't want any
Thing to block my way
Taste of no glory, salivate
The invisible, the only
Means to an end

I don't need a thing to go on
All I need is my determination
Determined to quit, to finally stop
To stop all the bull**** this tailor has sewn
Needles puncture people, lives drop
Threads of fate, society has grown
Vines beneath the feet
Form all of our seats
To the greatest disaster
I will end this faster

Absolution in the palm of my hand
Like planting fruit in the sand
Revolution before the gate
If we only congregate
Accept your fate