Admira 2148 Artista...


it has solid top and solid back (EDIT:but not sides), with what looks to be very nice materials- but its quite significantly cheaper than anything other fully solid guitar i can find...

is this just because of its brand? or is there something i'm not getting?

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It actually only has solid top and back, but it still is that price because the brand is not really well known or anything, so they can't sell their products at a higher price.

That's my guess at least.

Also, are ebony fingerboards common on lower-end classicals? As far as regular acoustics go, ebony is usually only found on guitars $1000+
although everything is solid wood, you're not sure whether those solid woods are of the best quality or AAA class.. they may be solid but with the price, they may be the lower end solid woods.. with the ebony fingerboard, it makes the sound warmer.. or maybe the ebony on this one is different on those 1000+ guitars.. anyway, try out the guitar.. if you feel comfortable and good about it, then go for it..

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I bought a steel string acoustic for 450 quid, that came with an ebony fretboard, Not the highest grade but still plays better than rosewood or maple.

Generally guitars and gear have been going down in price in britain, and I think you can expect a fairly decent guitar for this price. When I bought mine I thought the specs were too good to be true (they were better than most martins and taylors in the 500-1000 pound bracket) but it was a really good guitar if maybe just a notch off the tonal quality of say a taylor.