Ok heres the deal Im looking at getting a Mustang.
I found one pretty cheap but then I also found a store with a JagStang.
I think JagStangs look amazing but I dont want people to think I wanna be Kurt Cobain (even though I do look up to his music) and I dont want to get a crappy Mustang, if I get a mustang I would like one thats actually good (are reissues good?)
thanks for all the help.
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If the only reason you don't want a jagstang is because of the cobain affiliation, get over it and buy one. There's no sense in getting a guitar you like less just because some people might get the wrong impression. Besides, unless you're playing smells like teen spirit over and over, people probably won't notice or care.
^ Very true.
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Jagstang ftw dont worry about looking like Curt Kobain.
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well cobain himself designed it, but really didnt like it much really, from what I read, so who gives a ****.
Clapton plays nothing but fender's is that stoping me from buying them or playing them, no.
But i understand what you mean on one side you want someting good, but on the other you want something unique that identifies you, in many ways thats just as important as if it plays good and sounds good in my opinion but not really.

And ive been there to man I havent even ever in my life touched a Gibson SG because i dont feel worthy, after seeing Angus young fling that thing around and just completely destroy that fretboard i just couldnt touch it.
i love mustangs, never tried a jagstang

The reissue mustangs are awesome, but what it boils down to is what you think plays/sounds better and what guitar you feel most comfotable with
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The Jagstang's humbucker is pretty weak, but you can pick up a new one off guitarfetish.com (amazing deals in there, don't let the prices fool you).