i am about to mod my wah with a fasel inductor, but before i do, what exactly is the difference between a yellow and red fasel inductor?

i am a big fan of eric clapton's, slash's, zakk wylde's and hendrix's wah tone, if that is any help to which one i should chose.

^ What do you mean by clearer?
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^ What do you mean by clearer?

I belive he means the notes are easyer to tell out of the mix of the "wah" effect and the dry signal.
I mean that it doesn't get as gritty as the yellow one, so you can hear individual notes a bit better, especially doing double stops and whatnot with a little OD. There's not a very big difference between them, to be honest. If you were really adventurous you could make a switch to toggle between the two.
you mean like installing a little push button like on the side of a rotovibe?
huh... never thought of that...
but i don't really want to drill a hole through my pedal...