I bought my JSX for $800 at some guy's house 10 miles from me. He was also advertising a Crate GT412SL cab for $400, which I thought was overpriced. But when I got there, he wanted some money really badly so he said I could grab it for just $100. I took it, thinking, "What's $100 going to bring me down from? It's worth it."

Of course, I knew it was a bit of a crap cabinet. It sounds really brittle, yet loose, compared to my Avatar w/ V30s, but it is equipped with celestions. My Avatar cab is only a 2x12, and is really punchy and resonant, with some great lead capability when level with or pointing towards your head, but alas, it is 2x12. That means that it's always on the ground, because my Crate that I would stack it on is tilt-back, so the top is too small to balance the 2x12 on. I've currently got the JSX on the GT412SL, on the Avatar.

I'm thinking I should either build something akin to a stand, but very strong, thick and sturdy with storage space underneath to bring the Avatar cab up to shoulder-level, but that would have to be a BIGASS stand. So what are your ideas? Should I somehow utilize the height of the crappy 4x12 to raise the Avatar, or should I just sell it, or some other radical idea?


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