Ok, my NCEA (for those of you that dont know, its like 5th form music exams) Level one music performance is coming up... I am in desperate need of a song.
Grade 5
3 minutes long
For electric, needs a possible lead sound in the rhythm
so slides, hammers, the usual
Odd chords, jazz chords, open strings in higher frets etc

I have one song that fits it nicely, (Teenagers, My Chem) because of the odd chords and the lead sound, plus a nice easy solo, i just need another one. Acoustic or electric, and the songs style has to contrast that of Teenagers.

Would be brilliant if you could all throw links at me.

I know I've been throwing this out way too much, but try this:

Marc Rizzo - Infinity

I'm on dial up and frankly, it's a bitch to find Rizzo stuff, but if you can find a link to it, it's really good stuff. That one is the shortest song off Colossal Myopia, the only album of his I have at this point, but it's damn good stuff. Clocks in at 2:49.
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