it's acustica mixcraft 4.1

so i just plugged my amp to my pc to record my songs. so im recording and everything works fine, then i choose to use one of the gazillion effects that mixcraft uses. but when i use one the volume goes considerably high and i hear this buzzing noise in my recording.

i've tried the "normalize volume option" and tried to modify the volume of my amp, the computer settings etc...

any help you can give me?

(feel free to correct any grammar/spelling mistakes, english is not my native language)
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got your PM. To keep the quality you really should run a line out from yoru amp, (once again, not one for a speaker cabinet) and run that to an audio interface of some kind. Audio interfaces are widely used in recording today. They bypass your computers stock sound card for recording and playback giving more quality, better type inputs, and sometimes preamps for mics.

Now you say it works well without any FX. Thats where I start to wonder. It it works fine without any FX, in theory it should work with any FX...

Have you tried reinstalling the program? if not, do so.